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"The average person who appreciates design thinks they can't afford a designer, which isn't true."


RC Arizona

It’s always a pleasure to engage a professional that helps less than skilled customers (like ourselves) in a category that is personal, often subjective, and generally wide open when it comes to the incredibly long list of choices. David Jackson is just that person we sought after to help us with our new home interior design.


First and foremost, David’s obvious breadth and depth in his field really helps him get in touch with the customer’s requirements. He spends just the right amount of time helping you decide and ponder fantastic ideas that help set the tone for the goals you hope to reach with your design. What my wife and I felt so strongly about was his infectious passion, his ability to see the bigger picture, how he pulled us out of our comfort zone, and then honed in on multiple choices for the end design. It was like having a living encyclopedia to talk to with a vast mental collection that included great emotion, passion, and the right amount of assertiveness when needed.


Our mantra was not to make it feel like moving to our new home was just the act of “changing from one box to another”.  We can’t say enough about how David helped us make decisions in numerous categories, create a look and feel that was based on and sensitive to our personal concepts, all while making the progression fun and exciting.


It’s clear he understands all types of interior design facets and, ultimately, helped us have a unique, lasting design expression that’s distinctive and personal.


We would highly recommend David Jackson Interiors and we continue to retain David for regular advice.”

Dr. Thomas Chamberlain

“David Jackson was so easy and accommodating to work with on our office remodel. He was the perfect mix of coming up with amazing style but keeping our budget in mind. He went over and above our expectations and I will definitely use his services when I am ready to remodel my other offices.

I would not even consider using someone else.

One example is countertops and cabinets. I didn’t want to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars for new countertops and cabinets. David has created a veneer and coating to change the color of the cabinets and make the countertops completely different. They look identical to polished cement. He had lots of different designs and ideas but helped us settle on one that fit our style for the office.”

Marc Pulsifer

“ David is my go-to-guy…has been for 13 years. When we designed and built our offices in 2004, David was invaluable! With his help we executed a space that is consistent with our brand and communicates a high level of sophistication and competence without ever speaking a word! Our clients love it…and it shows in the referrals they make!”

Mary Anne

“ As a full-time wheelchair user, I found many tasks extremely difficult – removing clothes from the washer/dryer or making a safe transfer into the shower.  David tripled the space in both rooms by removing walls and installing modern cabinets.  Now these tasks are pleasurable instead of a source of anxiety, and the spaces are beautiful.  He also added a custom high-density pantry, one of the nicest by any standard.  New tile and paint transformed our dated townhouse into a serene modern space.”

-Tempe Homeowner

Troy Gombert

“ We hired David Jackson Interiors to do a remodel project for an existing dental office.  We were looking to “freshen up” the office after being in business for 15 years.  I received David’s number through a colleague that had his dental office revamped with David’s help.  We kept our remodel simple with new paint and new color palette, new trim, and new carpet.  David was exceptionally easy to work with, had many great ideas, and was patient with us as we worked through the new color selections.  Our work came in on budget and in the time that was promised.  I would highly recommend David for your interior project.”

Ahwatukee Homeowner

“What a positive experience I had with David Jackson Interiors!  After I saw what he did for my neighbor, a simply stunning kitchen redesign, I just knew he would be the right guy for my projects.  We did a unique Master Bedroom with a custom made canopy over the bed with LED lighting and a modern 14′ lighting treatment over my hand-painted mural of Monument Valley. He also completely transformed my patio into a wonderful relaxing and stimulating experience using a floating backlit patio ceiling along with amazing furniture and tables.  Now I can enjoy my backyard all year thanks to David’s creative and unique solutions.  He’s the best and I really didn’t think I would be able to afford a designer but it’s the only way you would want to do home projects and designs.  David has sources for home and commercial interiors and a staff of electrical and contractors that specialize in the best work anywhere in Arizona.  I would always come back to David for any of my design needs.  Thanks David for a stunning remodel job.  You were absolutely perfect and always on time and budget!”

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